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Egginject® has been designed for compatibility with all in ovo vaccines in the market, guaranteeing a correct and precise vaccine application. A full range of in ovo vaccination services has been designed to support Egginject® performance.

Ceva vaccines

In ovo vaccination can be used for Marek's disease, Gumboro disease, Newcastle disease or Avian Influenza disease.

Egginject® device is fully compatible with the following Ceva vaccines :

The C.H.I.C.K. Program

Logo C.H.I.C.K Program

To assist our customers get the best results from their vaccines, their equipment and labor; we introduced in 2009 the Ceva Hatchery Immunisation Control Keys Program, or simply the C.H.I.C.K. Program. It is a complete service package to improve quality of Day Old Chicks and In Ovo vaccination.

We help manage the vaccination program so our customers spend more time on their priorities

CHICK Program
  • We work on improving the quality of vaccination and on achieving good quality chicks
  • We ensure the equipment is in sound working condition
  • We train our customer staff in good vaccination procedures

Injection quality control among other activities, Ceva C.H.I.C.K Program experts will conduct on a regular basis :

  • Embryo diagnosis
  • Non-hatched eggs breakout
  • Desinfection control
  • Microbiological monitoring 

More information about  C.H.I.C.K Program

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