There is a customized Egginject® solution for each customer. Egginject® can be adapted to all different hatchery sizes, production speed, incubation trays, hatch baskets and other hatchery equipment in the market.

There is a specific Egginject® solution to each hatchery caracteristics. For large capacities hatcheries, with production of 300 000 eggs per week or more, the standard Egginject® is the best solution. Compact Egginject® is designed for hatcheries with lower capacities.

Egginject compact 2

Compact Egginject® features

- Speed up to 25.000 eggs/hour

- With automatic or manual removal of eggs after candling

- Adaptable to all types of Incubation trays

- Reliable and solid design for heavy duty

- Easy to use: simple and operator´s friendly

- Stand Alone or fully integrated in the hatchery automation line- No vaccine waste while priming


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