Egginject® features information

For modern hatchery vaccination, Egginject® has been designed to perform a safe in ovo injection.

General features

• Speed up to 60.000 eggs/hour
• Adaptable to all types of Incubation trays
• Reliable and solid design for heavy duty
• Easy to use: simple and operator´s friendly
• Stand Alone of fully integrated in the hatchery automation line
• No vaccine waste while priming

Special features

Electronic vaccine management system

Electronic vaccine management system

Vaccine is fully monitored during the vaccination process by the Electronic Vaccine Management System. This system presents the following advantages:

  • Vaccine waste due to priming is almost none.
  • Vaccine flow is smooth and free of high pressure, therefore, vaccine cells integrity is not damaged.

Double disinfection system

Double disinfection system
  • Eggs are disinfected before the injection to maximize the biosecurity
  • Control and minimize the risk of cross contamination.
  • Each injector is disinfected after each injection to complete the double disinfection system.

Laser candling

Laser candling
  • Outstanding accuracy at very high speed. The patented Laser technology performs superiorly.
  • Infertile eggs and early mortality eggs can be separated and handled differently according to the customer needs.
  • No interference by the transfer room light on the readings.

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