Dual Pressure Injection System

The Egginject® Dual Pressure Injection System is a patented technology allowing automatic and individual adaptation of the injection depth to each single embryo, regardless of egg size and flock age.

How it works


First, high pressure is used to perforate the egg shell. As the pressure is applied only on a very small area of contact.

Then, once the needle is inside the egg, he system changes to low pressure. Each needle automatically adapts the injection depth according to the size and position of the embryo.

1st et 2nd step dual pressure

This system ensure a safe injection as the depth adapts to each type of embryo compare to a fix depth injection system which can induce mortality due to intra-embryonic injection and egg breakage due to the constant high pressure.

dual pressure vs fix depth 2

With Egginject®, the egg breakage is negligible. As the high pressure is applied only on a very small area of contact, the incidence of egg shell breakage practically disappears. Plus, the hatchability impact is minimized. Indeed, the individual adaptation of the injection depth to each single egg depending of its embryo size and position, minimizes the embryo injuries caused by excessive intra embryo perforation.

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